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MARCH 2002

Antidepressant/Hot Flash
Clara Harlowe Barton- History
Airway Management
Chemical Dependency
BATHE Patients
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

MAY 2002

Black Raspberries & Colon Cancer
Fat Disorders & Genes
Nurses Week - It's History
Commentary: Mentoring
Paramedics: Bridges in Patient Care
Nursing Shortage & Rude Behavior
Recruiting Foreign Nurses

JULY 2002

Chemically Dependent Nurse
Birthing Center Nursing
New Documentary
Is Burnout Contagious?
Burnout Quiz
New Nursing Programs
A Dream to Make a Difference


Are Nurses Considered Professionals?
Stuck in The Middle With You
Nursing: Being On Both Sides of the Fence
And for this I give thanks . . .
Nurse in the Spotlight: Linda Irvin
Kentucky Board of Nursing v. Ward
Nursing Negligence: Are you prepared?
Piqua Mem. Medical Center v. Butsch, et al
Case managers must use a variety of skills in managed care
You can manage stress from within

MAY 2003

Your license may depend on proper documentation
With infection control, are we making a difference?
Nurse in the Spotlight
DNR and the nurse's role: A personal look
Patients and health care providers find piercings and tattoos unprofessional
Nurses Making History
Opinions Count: Being On Both Sides of the Fence of Nursing
Nurse Practice Act and the Board of Nursing Regulations
Diversity is more important than ever in nursing

September 2003